The Perfect Pairing: Which Craft Beers Go Best with Different Types of Pizza?

Pizza and beer have a long-standing, mutual love affair. But with so many types of pizza and beers, it can be tough to know which pairing is the perfect match. Fear not, fellow pizza lovers! We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best craft beers to pair with different types of pizza in the Tampa Bay Area. From spicy to breakfast pizzas, and everything in between, your next pizza and beer night just got a whole lot tastier. Here are a few ways in which craft beers can elevate the flavors of pizza and provide exciting taste combinations.

Spicy Pizza

Nothing tames the heat of a spicy pizza quite like a refreshing beer. The sweet, crisp flavors of a lager and the robust complexities of an ale complement the spice of the pizza without overwhelming your taste buds. If you prefer something with a bit more hop, try a crisp and refreshing IPA. The bitterness of the hops helps to cut through the heat, creating a perfectly balanced bite.

Salad Pizza

With its fresh and light toppings, a salad pizza calls for a beer that doesn't overpower the subtle flavors. Reach for a stout or an ale. These beers have a flavor profile that pairs perfectly with the light and tangy vinaigrette dressing. If you prefer something with a bit more bite, try a pilsner or a lager.

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast for dinner is a classic comfort food. Make it even better by pairing it with a stout or a porter. The slightly creamy and rich beer complements the savory flavors of the breakfast pizza, making it a perfect pairing. For those who are not a fan of dark beer, try a brown ale instead. It still provides the same richness and texture while being lighter in taste.

Meat Lovers Pizza

This pizza is loaded with different types of meats, making it a hearty and filling meal. To balance out the richness of the pizza, reach for a brown ale or a red ale. The toasty and sweet notes in these beers complement the flavors of the meats, creating a harmonious bite. If you prefer something with a bit more hop, try an American pale ale or an amber ale.

Vegetarian Pizza

With its abundance of vegetables and light toppings, a vegetarian pizza pairs perfectly with a bright and hoppy IPA. The bitterness of the hops cuts through the fresh and crisp vegetables, giving your taste buds a burst of bold flavors. Alternatively, try a lager. These beers provide a refreshing balance to the vegetables.

Craft Beers and Pizza at Colony Grill

The perfect pairing of pizza and craft beer is a match made in heaven. Whether you love a pizza topped with hot oil and stingers, or a light and fresh salad pizza, there's a perfect beer to complement the flavor. Next time you visit a Colony Grill for pizza, use our guide to find the perfect pairing. The marriage of craft beer and pizza opens up exciting possibilities for exploring new taste sensations and elevating the overall dining experience.