The Great Pizza Crust Debate: Thin vs. Thick Crust

pizza crustPizza lovers have long debated the merits of thin crust versus thick crust pizza. While fans are passionate about both, the benefits of a thin crust make it the superior option for most pizza eaters. Here are four reasons why thin-crust reigns supreme in the pizza world and why Colony Grill's thin crust bar pies are so beloved by pizza fanatics....

The perfect crust-to-topping ratio

With a thin crust, you get just enough crustiness to support the toppings without overwhelming them. The focus stays on the mozzarella, the tangy sauce, and the savory meats and veggies that make pizza so delicious. Top it off with a drizzle of hot oil, and you've got a thin-crust pizza from Colony Grill that checks all the boxes. Thick crusts tend to overpower toppings with an excess of doughy bread; thin crust lets its toppings shine.

Lower in carbs and calories

Thin crust has fewer calories and carbs than thick crust, making it a lighter option for many who are carb conscious. For a 12-inch pizza, a thin crust has around 22 grams of carbs per slice compared to 30 grams in a thick crust slice. If you're watching your weight, thin crust makes the nutritional math work more in your favor. Colony Grill's 12-inch bar pie may be smaller in diameter to a regular sized pizza, but it remains big on flavor.

Crispy, cracker-like texture

Oven-baked thin crust pizza develops a crispy, almost cracker-like exterior while maintaining a soft, pliable interior. The crispy texture provides a satisfying crunch in every bite, and who doesn't like a crisp and crunchy crust? Thick crusts tend to be doughier and chewier throughout.

Easy to eat multiple slices

The lighter thin crust is less filling per slice, meaning you can enjoy more servings in one sitting. Thin crust makes it easier to follow the pizza rule of only stopping after two or three slices... or maybe four. With thick crust, two slices often feel like enough while the rest of the pie goes to waste.

While thick crust certainly has its loyal fans, thin crust offers the optimal blend of crispiness, balanced toppings-to-crust ratio, lighter nutrition stats, and room for extra slices. When it comes to pizza perfection, thin is undoubtedly the way to win.

Colony Grill Thin Crust Pizza

Colony Grill's thin-crust pizza and signature "hot oil" topping was established during the post-prohibition era when the original owners sought a pizza that would fit on a tray on a narrow bar top. The solution was a smaller, thin-crust pizza that allowed guests to grab a slice with one hand, while holding a glass of their favorite beverage in the other.

So, if you're looking for the "best of the best" in thin-crust pizza, look no further than the bar pies with signature hot oil drizzle at Colony Grill. Paired with your favorite toppings, an ice old beer, a glass of wine, or another refreshing beverage, you'll find yourself in thin-crust pizza paradise. Come visit us today to dine in or takeout. Discover the joys of a thin crust pizza that's loaded with flavors.