Specialty Pizzas: Discover New Favorites with a Breakfast Pie and Salad Pizza

Pizza, that timeless comfort food loved by millions around the world, is as versatile as it is delicious. While the classic cheese and pepperoni combinations are timeless, the world of pizza has expanded to include innovative creations that tantalize the taste buds, including Colony Grill's famous "hot oil" pizza topping. In this blog, we'll explore two unique specialty pizzas that break the traditional mold: the Breakfast Pie and the Salad Pizza.

The Breakfast Pie: The Game-Changer

When you think of breakfast, images of scrambled eggs with cheese, crispy bacon, and delicious sausage come to mind. But have you ever considered starting your day with a Breakfast Pie? Combining the best of both worlds – the satisfying goodness of pizza and the morning flavors we crave – Colony Grill's Breakfast Pie is a game-changer for both pizza and breakfast enthusiasts.

Imagine a golden, thin-crust pizza topped with yummy breakfast-y scrambled eggs and mozzarella, topped with your breakfast meat of choice. Colony Grill's scrambled eggs are cooked to perfection with a copious amount of mozzarella, then enhanced with smoky bacon or flavorful sausage. Craving both? Order a pie with half bacon and half sausage. You can even spice it up with a sprinkling of Colony Grill's hot oil or stingers.

The Breakfast Pie is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a convenient option for weekend brunch. It's a balanced meal that incorporates protein, carbohydrates, and a touch of indulgence, making it the perfect start to your day — or end to it.

The Salad Pizza: A Fusion of Freshness

For those who seek a lighter, healthier alternative to traditional pizzas, the Salad Pizza is a revelation. This unique creation combines the satisfying crunch of a salad with the savory essence of a pizza, resulting in a dish that's both refreshing and flavorful.

The Salad Pizza starts with Colony Grill's signature thin crust baked with a touch of olive oil and sea salt.This base is topped with  hearty mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots tossed with a generous layer of balsamic vinaigrette, which serves as the "sauce," infusing the pizza with a zesty kick. Plus, you can order it your way: with or without cheese and sauce. No cheese and light bake? No problem. Sauce and cheese? Sure! How about a regular bar pie, half salad. Yes and yes.

The result is a mouth-watering, eye-opening, multi-layered pie that is as beautiful to behold as it is to eat. So the next time you crave a salad, opt for Colony Grill's Salad Pie for a healthy alternative that still satisfies your craving for pizza.

Elevating Your Pizza Experience

These unconventional yet delicious options at Colony Grill showcase the versatility of pizza as a canvas for flavors and ingredients that go beyond the ordinary.

The next time you're craving a bar pie, consider stepping outside your comfort zone and trying one of these specialty pizzas at Colony Grill. Whether you're seeking a hearty brunch option or a light, garden-fresh delight, these unique creations are proof that pizza can be enjoyed in multiple ways. So go ahead, explore the world of specialty pizzas and discover new favorites that will redefine your pizza experience at Colony Grill. Dine with us or order one up today!