Enjoy the flavors of St. Patrick's Day on a Pizza

It's almost time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! This beloved holiday is a great way to honor Irish heritage and traditions mixed in with some fun. Whether you're watching a parade or joining friends at a local tavern like Colony Grill, there are endless ways to get into the spirit of this festive day.

A Brief History

But first, a little history about St. Patrick and why we celebrate this day in his honor.

Saint Patrick was believed to be born in Britain around 385 AD but was kidnapped by Irish raiders and brought to Ireland, where he lived for six years before escaping back to his home country. After his escape, Saint Patrick became a Christian priest and eventually returned to Ireland as a missionary tasked with converting pagans to Christianity. Many believed (and still believe) that he used the three-leaved shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity while preaching, which has since become an iconic symbol of St. Patrick's Day.

Following his death in 461 AD, March 17th became known as St. Patrick's Day in honor of the saint. Over time it grew into a more significant celebration of Irish culture, with parades, parties, and wearing green becoming popular traditions amongst those celebrating the day in Ireland and abroad.

Why Corned Beef & Cabbage?

Corned beef and cabbage have long been popular with St. Patrick's Day, but why is it so closely linked to this beloved holiday? The answer lies in combining traditional Irish ingredients, history, and unique adaptations immigrant communities make.

In Ireland, the traditional dish closest to corned beef and cabbage was bacon and cabbage, which typically included salted pork or bacon served with root vegetables. However, this hearty meal gained further popularity thanks to Irish immigrants who were inspired by the availability of brisket in their new homes. As they adapted this traditional recipe to their new surroundings, corned beef and cabbage were born!

Over time, corned beef and cabbage became increasingly popular among ethnic groups. For example, Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe substituted kosher salt for regular table salt when making the dish - creating what we now know as "New York-style" corned beef and cabbage. Meanwhile, Germans added beer to the mix for additional flavor resulting in an even more delicious version of the classic meal!

The Flavors of St. Patrick's on a Pizza

Today, you can find varying versions of this classic dish across many cultures – including a special St. Patrick's Day pizza at Colony Grill. Our original tavern was located in an Irish neighborhood in Stamford, Connecticut, so it's only fitting to celebrate with an Irish-inspired thin-crust pizza. Visit us on March 17th and enjoy our famous thin-crust pizza specialty with the delightful flavors of corned beef and cabbage -- and hot oil! Pair it with your favorite (Irish) beer, and you'll be one happy lad or lass.

It's been said everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, including our very own specialty pizza. So put on your green and come to Colony Grill for some very Irish pizza and beer. It just may be your lucky charm! Sláinte!