Mystery Guest Feedback


Ratings: 1. Poor 2. Satisfactory 3. Good 4. Very Good 5. Excellent


The parking area was clean.
The exterior of the restaurant was clean and attractive.


Upon arrival, host or another Colony team member made eye contact,smiled genuine
Host seated us promptly; noted any special seating needs
The host work area was clean, organized, and free of clutter


Was there a wait for a seat->Y/N? If Yes, rate #1a below, if No->skip 1a and rate #1b

1a) While I waited for the next available bar seat, the bartender proactively made eye contact and greeted me warmly

1b) When I sat down, the bartender greeted me warmly; made eye contact.

Bar area was clean and cleared, or was promptly cleared after I sat down; no dirty glasses or debris, soiled service items, etc.

Asked if this was my first visit to Colony; explained, as needed, Colony's history and unique menu (why pizza only?); suggested topping options to enhance pizza selection

Bartender was knowledgeable about beers and beverage selections; inquired if I had a specific liquor/beer/wine preference

Was interactive and friendly with guests at the bar.
Bartender served my drink promptly.

The backbar area was clean, organized, and free of clutter (e.g., no visible personal items -coffee cups, water bottle, cell phone, etc.).

Cheerfully transferred my check to the table if I moved to dining area.


Server promptly acknowledged my arrival at table.
Server greeted me warmly with a sincere smile and made eye contact.

Asked if this was my first visit to Colony; explained, as needed, Colony's history and unique menu (why pizza only?); suggested topping options to enhance pizza selection

Server had good knowledge of wine, liquor and beer offerings; asked if I had a specific preference.

Caring and responsive to special requests (cooking preference, allergy, etc.).
Repeated back my order to me after writing it down.

Checked back with the table shortly after pizza was delivered and started being eaten

Offered to refill beverages
Presented and processed check* in a timely manner
Authentically smiled and thanked me for dining at Colony Grill


Lighting, temperature, and sound were at comfortable levels.
Floors were clean
Doors and windows were clear of fingerprints.
Booths and tables were clean and in good condition (no visible damage)

All employee work areas - server station, host station, backbar - were clean, organized, and uncluttered (e.g., no visible personal items - coffee cups, water bottle, cell phones, etc.

Restroom smelled fresh and looked clean. (Garbage was not full; no debris on floor; all supplies conveniently in place.)

Overall Service & Hospitality Performance

My order was delivered to my table in a timely manner
My order was fulfilled correctly
If not, did you receive a sincere apology and some type of compensation for the
If yes, how were you compensated, and did it meet your expectations?
Pizza was hot and delicious (to your expected Colony standard)

When I finished my meal, the table was cleaned, and dirty trays and glasses removed promptly and efficiently

Employees appeared to work together and helped one another to create a positive experience for me/us and other surrounding Colony guests

The manager was visible, leading the team to ensure guests received excellent service

The manager was observed engaging and connecting with guests to support an exceptional hospitality experience

Departure: When I was exiting the restaurant, a Colony staff member made eye contact and thanked me warmly

I would recommend Colony Grill to a friend, relative, or colleague

Did your server, bartender, and/or another member of our staff provide a memorable experience (showing they were attuned to your needs; making you feel cared for) -- more so than perhaps some other dining experience?

Thank You for Being a Colony Grill Mystery Guest Your feedback is extremely valuable as we continue to target opportunities for excellence with regard to staff recognition & development, service procedures, and overall hospitality experience.